Los Portales

Pictured: supreme tacos with sopes


Los Portales was introduced to me by a professor of mine back during my undergraduate classes. I found it to be in a prime location close to downtown to stop by before classes, and affordable for my small student budget. I have continued my admiration for this little dive, especially as it carries so many gluten-free options.
As soon as you sit down, the server will bring you chips with bean dip, a red salsa and a hot green salsa. The salsas have a bit of heat to them that I always forget about. I prefer to use both salsas to smother my food, and the bean dip for when things need to cool down.
My first recommendation would be the tacos. The tacos either come on a corn tortilla with cilantro, onions, and your choice of meat, or my favorite tacos are the supreme tacos with flour tortillas, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and your choice of meat. These tacos go for two dollars or less.
The next two runner-up entrees would include the burrito and the chimichanga. The burritos are filled to the brim with Spanish rice, beans, your choice of me and all the works! This might be the largest burrito in town. Yet, the chimichanga is just as amazing as it is served crispy and with fresh pico and guacamole!
Choices of meat include chicken, steak, ground beef, pork, and even cow tongue! My recommendation for something fun to try is the pork marinated with pineapple.
You will find this gem at 2614 South 13th Street with a fun little Goodrich Ice Cream inside. The atmosphere is not incredibly comfortable, but the speed of the service does not give you much time to notice. It is a quick dive for a good taco and a milkshake. Go out and enjoy!

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