Mother India

Pictured: Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikki Makashani, Vegetable Biryani, Papdum, and a smidgen of Vegetable Pakoras.
If you are needing food to warm your belly, your first suggested stop should be Mother India. You can find this adorable little mom-and-pop shop off of 35th and Leavenworth. Whether you want to do take out, or sit at one of their cozy little tables, you will be well cared for.
I am so happy that I decided to get over my pickiness, and try out some of the amazing ethnic restaurants around Omaha. Throughout the last five years, I can tell that I am growing out of craving the bland midwestern foods we were all raised with, and falling in love with foods that have spice and attitude. Surprisingly, the courses I chose my first few times at Mother India did not carry the heat I expected to burn my mouth off, but instead created a comforting warmth in my whole body. It was lovely!
I would recommend starting off with the Papadum and Vegetable Pakoras. They are even gluten-free friendly! This is the first recommendation I usually give my gluten-free friends, as the chickpea batter is incredible. Yet, if you want to go for the gluten, I recommend the garlic naan.
My favorite entrees so far have been the Tandoori Chicken and the Chicken Tikki Makashani. The Tandoori Chicken is a three piece meal with some of the most tender chicken that I have ever had. It looks intimidating with how bright the herbs are, but I promise it is a calming, smoky beauty you need to try! The Chicken Tikki Makashani uses the same tender chicken, cut into pieces and cooked in a precious tomato and butter sauce. This is a must try with an order of Raita, a beautiful cucumber sauce.
If you have not been to Mother India yet, you need to give this local gem a go! Entrees will run about $10-$14 each, with plenty of food for sharing a meal or counting on the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It is a tiny shop, so don’t be surprised if you might need to wait for a table. Definitely give the patio a try in the summer as well!

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